Baan Ko Kai Thai Dessert History


Long time ago, there was an elderly man with grey hair and robust shape wearing T-shirt, shorts and loincloth using spatula stirring bean in a deep pan. The strong hot from firewood hasten the speed of stirring while there was a nice smell from dessert spread all over the place. These desserts were ready to put in trays before packing and selling.

It has been 9 years since Mr. Sanit Tangkham or “Ko Kai” has passed away. However, his honesty and sincerity toward every customer would be in our heart forever. Customers always call these desserts which do not have a brand name as “Ko Kai Dessert” to commemorate about this nice guy.

Until now, Baan Ko Kai Thai Dessert Team have a strong determined resolution to produce only high quality dessert to satisfy our beloved customers.